Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So sorry for being late!

The country of Oman, located in the Middle-east is an ideal place for a vacation if you want to go diving at a reasonable price or just want to get out of the cold and snow in Sweden. The basic idea of vacations there is just to turn off your engines and relax. There are not many tourist attractions of which you would have to take tours of, but there are palaces all around, one of which the Sultan will live in (you never know which one...)

The first thing you will see when you get out of the plane is a barren wasteland. Not much green to be seen (that rhymed!) Apparently during the summer, it will be greener but for know...not so much. The climate is in my opinion ideal for any country for that matter. It’s not hot enough that you will sweat to death, but you’ll never need a sweater. It’s bliss basically.

As for travels...we never took them. We were pretty lazy all the way through our vacation. To get anywhere, you had to rent a car. The hotel was basically near a beach in the middle of nowhere. So there was not much to see anyway, and the whole idea of going was to be at ease and enjoy tranquility. The notable things were underwater

Me and my mother went diving the entire week. I’ve never heard of diving in Oman, but it was spectacular. What’s so special about this place is that there’s not much fishing, so the fish can grow big and colourful. Giant sting-rays everywhere and we even spotted the worlds biggest moray-eel. But to be frank it wasn’t all fun and games. Sometimes you just had to be patient and wait for the giant ship to appear in front of you. The ship was quite impressive and to rotor blades were massive. One flaw was that the water wasn’t very clear, so the sight was bad. But with my eyes, it didn’t make much of a difference. It was defiantly worth, and recommend diving to anyone that wants an incredible experience. The freedom you get underwater is indescribable.

As for the people they were genuinely light-hearted. The staff were not arrogant and were willing to help with request and finding solutions to discontent. One interesting thing was that, the amount of foreigners that come here for work was astounding. About a million people from different countries work here. They are mostly from India, Indonesia and the Philippines. They all looked very happy to be working here and that is wonderful. As for people born and raised here, there was not much to be seen of them, but that is probably because of our enclosed area of living. This is the most liberated-muslim country in the world, and it will go well for them in the future, economically and in other ways.

So in conclusion ladies and jelly-spoons...

Oman is not a very good place for touristing and seeing impressive architecture and landmarks, but excellent for just taking a breather and maybe exploring the ocean.
For now I will leave you.

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  1. Really good, Knut. I feel I really have a good impression of Oman as a tourist destination now.

    A few minor language points below.

    1. "the Middle-east" > the Middle East (Capital letters, proper name; no hyphen, it is not an adjective)

    2. "tourist attractions of which you would have to take tours of" > tourist attractions, of which you would have to take tours, (Don't need to repeat the "of")

    2. "Apparently during the summer, it will be greener but for know...not so much." > Apparently, during the summer it is greener, but just now... there is not so much green. (Well, perhaps)

    3. "It’s not hot enough that .." > It's not so hot that you...

    4. "As for travels" > excursions/trips out

    5. "I’ve never heard of diving in Oman" > I had ...

    6. "water wasn’t very clear, so the sight was bad" > ...... the visibility was poor.

    7. "defiantly worth" > definitely worth it

    8. "our enclosed area of living" > ..the enclosed area we were staying in