Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Travel writing

Well, as I fear few of you will have pens and paper in class, I thought I would let you do your travel writing assignments on your Macbooks.

You can write your articles in the Comments space, or if you give me your email addresses I can give you permission to write a post yourselves. That might be more fun.  Maybe then you could finish it over the holidays!

Before writing you might read this interesting travel article asking whether you go looking for Iconic Experiences or Serendipity. Maybe you should look up the words first — I had to, just to make sure!

Your travel article should be at least 200 words, ideally more. Just write about somewhere you have been. You can describe the good and bad things about the place. You can narrate an experience you had in a certain place, or on a journey. Or you can try to recreate the feel of a place, by choosing words and expressions that help describe the senses, as we talked about last week. But maybe the best travel writing combines bits of all these elements.

And of course, you can include links and upload photos, well if you do it as a post.

Right, the space is yours!