Monday, 17 January 2011


I was five years old when my mom and dad decided that we would travel the world. And off we were. Our trip lasted 6 months. From Australia to Bali, to Fiji and Aruba. Yes. Every place we visited was amazing. But Antigua was by far, my favorite. Sure, I was five and you may think I do not remember much. But honestly, I do. I do not only remember the clear turquoise water and the colorful fish. I remember the rough tennis lessons at 10 am every morning and the breakfast buffet that drove me insane. I may not have been the healthiest kid around but I could not resist chocolate pancakes and those sugar croissants. But I suppose the tennis lessons made up for the not so healthy meal every morning.

Antigua was our last destination planned out before packing our bags and getting on a plane back home. The plane rides was the least favorite thing about the trip. Since I was only five and being overly energetic as a child, my patience didn't last long on a 10 hour flight. But luckily, we had been spending time on an island called Aruba for 2 weeks, which is only a 90 minutes flight from Antigua. So after checking in all our bags we were off again. Unfortunately, we had to change flights on an island by the name St. Martin. This time, we were sitting in a much smaller airplane with only 8 seats. I remember landing on a beach when we finally reached Antigua. Sand was blowing everywhere caused by the airplane engines.

We stayed for 10 days and I made some friends at the hotel. Me and my sister went snorkeling in the water with life vests and saw lots of fish. I can still remember the iche feeling on your skin every time I got out of the ocean water. Thats why I preferred the pool even though there were no colorful fish in there. The residents in town were very kind people and so was the nice lady who braided small braids with beads at the end of my hair on the beach. She and I became good pals.

If I ever get the chance to travel the world, one of the places I will visit is definitely Antigua, not only for the delicious chocolate pancakes, but for the island itself. Looking at pictures today, it really was a paradise.

It was a little bit sad leaving Antigua after such a wonderful stay. But I did not think about it much. I was more excited about the next place we were going to. Home.

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  1. Excellent writing, Katinka. It is so impressive how you capture the trip from a five-year-old's eyes.
    There are very few language errors, maybe a bit of punctuation — ask me if you don't understand my very brief comments.

    1. "But Antigua was by far, my favorite." > No comma needed.

    2. "rough tennis lessons" > I think tough would be better, rough sounds like you were physically pushed about or something.

    3. "plane rides was" > were

    4. "iche feeling" > itchy

    5. "Sand was blowing everywhere caused by the airplane engines." > Probably should have a comma after everywhere.