Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Elsa Br's Post about Paris (p.s. it's a bit dorky)


The city of romance and freshly baked croissants. Or perhaps, the city of something completely different. For me, I suppose Paris is the city of inspiration. For me, Paris is magical.

I’ve been to Paris three times, but only two of them were real trips spent in Paris. The third one was just a fast stop near the Eiffel Tower for a picture before we continued our trip to the countryside where out friends live, but that’s another story. I don’t know if it’s the language, the architecture or the culture that makes me so fascinated and almost, I know it sounds dorky, enchanted when visiting Paris. Both times I arrived to Paris were at dark which meant that the whole city was glowing and shining and the big, round, glass lamps on the roadsides reflected their warm light in both small pools of water such as the majestic River Seine, floating through the city. This made quite an impression on me, the first time only nine years old, and maybe my fascination for this city remained the same, cause I still am. Fascinated.

As in the article we read before writing, I find the details of a journey to be quite more special than the gigantic tourist-traps. Of course, Paris wouldn’t be Paris without the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower but listening to the lovely language, having an interesting chat with a Frenchman or just a walk through one of the parks is just as fabulous I believe.

I think you can guess that Paris is one of my absolute favorite cities, but I think that anybody can enjoy the city since it offers experiences for every personality. If you like art and history, visiting museums (Le Louvre etc) and monuments won’t be a difficulty to do. If you like architecture and odd, unique buildings Paris is kind of a mekka where just walking around in the city is quite a sightseeing. For those who are more interested in gossiping in cafés, eating well and enjoying a show or opera, there are several historical, beautiful theaters (L’Opera as well as the famous Moulin Rouge) and restaurants (La Cupole, which has fantastic art) worth visiting. And of course, for those who like to party and dance all night long in nightclubs (I would guess the younger generations), they won’t get disappointed with Paris. So, as you see there are loads of ways to ”design” your visit here and of course a bit of everything might be a perfect combination as well. And just to mention yet another good thing about Paris, though it has so much to offer, it’s not an extremely big city which means that you can experience Paris in a couple of days if you want, or a couple of weeks. It’s completely up to you and your taste of traveling.

As you can see, so far I’ve only stuffed you full with praise about Paris, and I wouldn’t say it’s a city where everything is perfect. In fact I will give you some tips about Paris which I think could be useful and make your stay even more pleasant. I mean, the city is quite a spectacle but you shouldn’t forget there is also a civilization who lives there and appreciating them and their culture is at least as important as appreciating the city. So here are a few things to keep in mind while visiting Paris:

  • As in every situation, be respectful and open for other cultures. I can assure you that the Parisians will treat you much kinder if you try speaking their language for example. It doesn’t necessarily have to be correct but giving it a try definitely is estimated.
  • Bring a map! Not only one of the city, also bring one for the subway. It will save you so much time instead of trying to read the map in the ceiling of a crowded train.
  • Give tip. I can assure you, the grumping and the ”ce n’est pas possible!” will stop if you give the taxi-driver an extra coin or two, or just a smile and a simple ”Salut!”.
  • And at last, always add an extra 30 minutes to everything. In Paris, time isn’t so relevant. If they say ten minutes, it will surely take about 30. Just keep that in mind and there will hopefully be no misunderstandings or stressful transports.

So, now I’ve given you a small guide of Paris (seen from my point of view) and hopefully some help! Otherwise, maybe a fun reading experience. Anyway I hope your next or first trip to Paris will be absolutely splendid!

Bon vacances!

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  1. Really good, lively travel writing Elsa. Well done. Please don't be concerned that I've made quite a few language points below. It is because you have experimented and tried to be as expressive as possible that some minor language errors are there. I say minor because none of them actually affect understanding.

    1. "I arrived to Paris" > arrive IN a city/town/country; arrive AT an airport/cinema/museum — specific place.

    2. "were at dark" > either at night, during the night, or it was dark.

    3. "both small pools of water" > don't think you need Both here.

    4. "such as the majestic River Seine, floating through the city" > No comma then "that floats"

    5. "quite more special" > maybe "much more interesting"

    6. "won’t be a difficulty to do" > won't be difficult to do

    7. "mekka" > mecca

    8. "just walking around in the city is quite a sightseeing" > is like a sightseeing trip

    9. "get disappointed" > be not get

    10. "taste of traveling" > tastes in travelling, or travelling tastes

    11. "open for other cultures" > open to

    12. "treat you much kinder" > much more kindly

    13. "giving it a try definitely is estimated" > is definitely appreciated

    14. "Give tip" > either Tip (as a verb) or Give tips (plural).

    15. "And at last," > And finally (at last is usually for expressing relief)

    16. "stressful transports" > stressful journeys