Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I am superior // Alex

I am always reminded how much i love Southern Florida every time I take a step outside the doors of the West Palm Beach Airport. A wave of humid air hits you as you lay your eyes on tall and beautiful palm trees. The sky’s color has a warm tone that matches the ocean. Florida, the “Sunshine State”, is located in the south-east of America and has the most southern point of the continental U.S. The semi-tropical climate offers hot rainy summers, warm winters. Florida only has one downside, which is the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes during the late summer. Apart from that, all parts of Florida have something to offer.

The Eastern Coast of Florida has very nice beaches all along the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean with some decent surf, perfect for eager beginners. Cities in the East tend to be commercialized for tourism as they offer several high rise hotels, restaurants, night clubs tourist attractions and entertainment such as Walt Disney World, the largest amusement park on earth, the Sea World and Universal Studios. The Western Coast is very different from the Eastern Coast. The beaches on the Mexican Gulf are shallower, with less surf, warmer waters and are more family friendly. It is a perfect place for the tourist that is up for relaxing on the beach and/or having a good time with your family in the water.

Although the coast’s contribute all of the amazing things, the central part of Florida is the most popular destination for tourists. It consists of tropical jungle and the famous National Park of swamplands, The Everglades. It contains a vast ocean of wet grasslands and millions of tiny “islands”. Wildlife, such as birds, snakes and alligators live in this tropical forest

The most memorizing experience I have from Florida is a three day trip to the Kennedy Space Center from the summer of ’08. Even though you are not a space geek, just like me, you will leave impressed and inspired. Experience the ATX (Astronaut Training Experience) Program and you will be shocked. You will spend time on one of the launch pads, go on a walk-through of the lab-facilities and factories. You will have the opportunity to eat dinner with an astronaut, and if you time your’ trip right, you might be lucky enough to watch a space ship launch.

I will never tire of going to Florida, as I experience something new every year. As mentioned, it is the perfect place for the relaxed family, businessman looking for some distress, a group of friends wanting to go clubbing, anyone.

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  1. Excellent writing, Alex. Your writing captures your enthusiasm perfectly.
    However, remind me to add a punctuation class or two to our spring programme :-)

    1. "Cities in the East" > small E (east) when it is not part of the proper name.

    2. "Western Coast" "Eastern Coast" > see above, and same regarding C for coast.

    3. "the tourist that is up for relaxing on the beach " > that wants to / fancies / prefers, or maybe is into.. You can be "up for" a challenge of some sort, but a bit inappropriate here.

    4. "the coast’s contribute" > no apostrophe needed, just coasts (plural not possessive)

    5. "The most memorizing experience" > memorable

    6. "a three day trip" > a three-day trip (compound adjective)

    7. "Even though you are not a space geek, just like me," > Even if you are not a space geek like me,.... — note position of comma

    8. "lab-facilities" > lab facilities

    9. "if you time your’ trip right" > no apostrophe needed after Your

    10. "looking for some distress" > ? relaxation? or perhaps "to de-stress? In the latter case, "unwind" might be better.