Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Beginnings

Well, only days to go before you end your time at compulsory school. Upper secondary school awaits you. I hope you all get to where you want to be. It has been a privelege to get to know you a little.

For your final writing task, I'd like you to write down three things:
  1. A moment you will always remember from school 
  2. The most important thing you have learnt from your time in school
  3. What quality that you have now do you hope you will never lose.
Good luck.


  1. 1. In sixth grade (I was new in Fredrikshov), when I told our ex-teacher Sören he couldn't be less than 40 years old. He was 36 years old and that was one of the first things I said to him.
    2. Pay attention during class, plan your homework and don't be too serious about school.
    3. My humor, although I care about school I can also laugh at it!

  2. A moment I will always remember from school is when Knut fell out of canoe in Junsele on our class trip!
    The most important thing I have learned from school is that you should never give up.
    A quality I hope I will always posses is that I am definitely not shy and I find it easy to get to know new people.


    A moment I always will remember from school is working my *ss off during ninth grade. Most teachers didn't communicate with each other and didn't take into account that we had other work outside of their subject.

    The most important thing I've learnt in school is that the most valuable currency is time.

    I hope I never will lose the quality of being able to enjoy school when I want to.

  4. 1. I remember one time when I laughed really hard in class. While I was still laughing, I looked up and saw Sören in a lab coat. Then i had to go outside to laugh it off. That's all that i can remember.
    2. One of the most important things that i learned was to always do your homework with time to spare. Even though I rarely did that, it is important to remember. I am sure that you will have an easier time if you follow that rule.
    3. At the moment, I find it easy to remember things that i study. It will get harder, the further i get in school but I hope that i will still keep this quality.