Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Some book I read by Sir John

I read a book which I do not remember the name of. However I do remember the story thankfully. The book was about a boy living in Sweden, he was playing football a lot and that is what his life was all about, much like me. Anyway he was offered a contract from Frankfurt, Germany and so he became youth professional at the age of only 16.

I read this book about three years ago when I was 12. I have always dreamt of becoming a professional football player but it wasn't until now that I understood what it really meant and the hard work it would take to get me where I wanted. But frankly, it just got me more motivated, I was ready to do all the hard work in the world to make the football my livelihood.

All in all this is what this book meant to me, it was a time when I realized what it would take to become a professional football player, but it was also a time when I really started to get fanatical (I definitely think that is the correct word for the occasion) about football and that passion overweight the hard work by miles, and sure enough it still does today and I don't think that will ever change.

Sir John


  1. I find myself agreeing with you, for once! (just kidding) I recognize that feeling when you read about someone young who's passionated about what they do and get really inspired to be as good as them! And I think a character from a book or movie is much more easy to have as a role model instead of a friend or someone you know, cause then it becomes a competition. A character makes you motivated and supports you instead of making you stressed out when you don't achieve what you want immediately.

  2. Well done, John. You clearly get across how this book continues to be a source of both inspiration and support to you. Hope you keep it close.

  3. This is so typical you, John! :) From what you've written it sound like a good book, like an eyeopener! :D

  4. Well John i wish you lot's of luck in your quest for fame and fortune in the football world. Sounded like a great book for you!