Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Harry Potter — books that moved me. by Elin Brimberg

I was 10 years old when I first read a Harry Potter book, ”Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. It was summer break and my teacher had given the class a homework over the summer; we should read 500 pages each. I did not like to read, and my parents always had to force me when I had a reading homework. We went to the library to lend a few books, when I saw a sparkly cover in the fantasy section. The book was heavy, but I loved the cover with a boy in front of a red train, with an owl on his shoulder. I had finished the book in a week. After that I read all the books too fast, and I was so sad when I had finished them all.
 The books are not just about magic; they are about friendship, will and belief. That meant a lot to me, and being so young, I learned a lot from them. But a thing that meant even more was that it was the Harry Potter series who made me want to read, and not see it as a thing I just had to do.
 The books are so good that I now and then re-read them; and the thing is that they are good every time, I never get tired of them! When I was younger I just thought it was a great story; the fantasy, the friendship, the plots, the spells. When I had finished the first book I searched for a perfect wand (a stick), and when I had found it, I ran around the house, shouting spells at everything. Now, when I read them again, I look at how the books are written (I know, I sound like a teacher), the language, and I just love them more. Also, I can still find things in the text that I have not discovered before.
 My life would probably have been the same if I had not read the books, I would just have missed something great.


  1. I can tell you really like these books! I've never read them myself and actually never seen the movies either but every person who has, says that they fall in love with them completely. I'm not a big fan of fantasy and all that but the way you describe the books... With the friendship, the plot and (as a teacher) the writing... Maybe I should re-think?

  2. Very good, clear and accurate writing, Elin. And don't worry about sounding like a teacher — worse things can happen ;-)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, Elin! I've read the books myself as well, not all of them unfortunately, but I really love them too. I can relate to your feelings for this wonderful story indeed... Finally I think fantasy is a genre that a lot of kids and youngsters like us, find very exciting and inspiring. To have imagination makes life more fun.